Website security is a branch of Information Security that deals specifically with security of websites, web applications and web services.

Your website and customer data is always at risk when your website is online. A large number of autobots and hackers keep trying to steal your data, post spam on your site or overtake your site.

SSL Certificates, Site lock and Backup protect your customer's personal data including passwords, credit cards and identity information and restore lost site or data in worst condition.

Getting an SSL certificate is the easiest and first step to increase your customer's confidence in your online business.

Website Security

Secure your website and customer data

An SSL Certificate is a digital certificate issued for a domain by a central authority called the Certificate Authority. To be issued an SSL Certificate, you must purchase an SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process conducted by the Certificate Authority.

An SSL Certificate does 2 things:
a. Encrypt the information sent from your user's browser to your website
b. Authenticate your website's identity.

By doing these 2 things, an SSL Certificate protects your customers and in turn increases their trust in your online business. This is especially important if your website requires users to login using passwords or enter sensitive information such as credit card details.

Sitelock is easy, economical and effective

SiteLock screens every aspect of your web presence daily to identify security gaps. It not only checks your website, email and applications, but also search engine blacklists and spam filters.

SiteLock's 360 degree scan and powerful firewall identify advanced vulnerabilities before they can be exploited to damage your web presence, thus putting you one step ahead of hackers, always!

SiteLock not only identifies threats, but also fixes them for you automatically. This way, SiteLock works in the background to protect your website, while it's business as usual for you and your customers.


Cloud backup for your website

All websites—large & small—run the risk of crashes and data loss. CodeGuard's cloud backup lets you recover your website data instantly, with just a few clicks.

Automatic backups

CodeGuard works behind the scenes. Which means you can turn it on and sit back while CodeGuard takes regular backups of your data.

Hassle-free setup

Since CodeGuard is cloud-based, setting it up is a snap – simply add your website connection details to start the backup process.