Who we are

A team that loves to create

It’s no secret that the Internet has become the most powerful medium to promote and advertise your business, whether it is a local store or a start up online business. Millions of people all over the world log on to the Internet every day to do a wide variety of activities. They check their e-mails, go on social networking websites, shop online, book tickets, check out the latest news, watch online videos, read blogs and so much more. The world has gone crazy after Smart-Phones made internet in reach of every hand.

We Started a few years back as a Digital Marketing Company named as "Indian Tech-Marketing Company" or ITMC India. As an Internet marketing agency, our experienced team of SEO, PPC and Analytics associates have the expertise to get you ranked and get your links driving clicks to your website. Our monthly SEO service is offered by affiliates worldwide to a wide variety of customers, we use many online devices and data sites to rank you up.

We were also doing website development for our clients who opted for Digital Marketing as a basic requirement. As we were having all the necessary skills, manpower and resources to develop websites and a handful of experience, we started  "GlobalWebsiteCompany" (GWC) with global approach.

In GWC, We go beyond the scoop of just delivering what is given to us as a requirement by consulting our client about their business and it's scoop of growth through online marketing. What are the basic requirement of their online marketing campaign and how we can develop their business online. With all the resources available we try to give our client best and economical solution.

What we do

Keep it simple and effective

With "Global Website Company" we have expanded our working scoop from consulting the client on his Business Brand establishment to Showcasing work to Digital Marketing i.e. from Logo and Portfolio Management to Website Development to Ad Campaigns.

We help in brand making of your Business from LOGO designing to web development and promotion of business. We also get your ads created in the form of Online Banners, Flash ads or Videos and get them Published within our globally renowned network of diverse publishing websites, google and others.

We also Provide SEO services by making your website Search Engines Friendly so that people see your website in Search result while searching for the Concerned Business. We also provide Marketing through Social media like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and google+ etc.

As a Web Development company we  provide website with Shopping cart and Online payment facility through VISA, Mastercard - Debit & Credit card. If you already have a website we provide Shopping Cart and Online Payment Facility for Small Businesses.  

Our clientele includes a wide range of professional service providers specializing in different services such as Accountancy, Fashion, Travel, Medical, Technical, Matrimony and a lot more. We are believers of working in the most diversified ways possible to provide higher customization in giving shape to the ideas of the clients, and ultimately reach to their maximum level of satisfaction from last 5 years in this business.